SnuffleMutt Mascot: Chase

SnuffleMutt mascot, and cutie patootie border collie, Chase enjoying his snuffle mat this morning!


Sadie was super excited to get her “houndstooth” snuffle mat today! I wonder if it had anything to do with it matching her collar :)


Wilson the corgi loves his tie dye snuffle mat!


Echo the Husky trying out one of our patterned snuffle mats at the Brielle Dog Boutique!


Anja's introduction to her first snuffle mat...


Tyson snuffling away with his new SnuffleMutt logo colored snuffle mat!


Little Miss Brooklynn enjoying her first experience with the new red, white, and black "multi" SnuffleMutt snuffle mat!

Pumpkin & Pixie

SnuffleMutt snuffle mats are great for dogs of ANY size, including the tea cups, like Pumpkin and Pixie!


Foxy giving her new SnuffleMutt snuffle mat a go!


Foxy's "sister", Scarlet, loves the SnuffleMutt snuffle mat too!


As with any dog toy (food dispensing, interactive work-to-eat, or other), your dog should be supervised when he/she is enjoying the SnuffleMutt snuffle mat. Always monitor your dog’s interaction with the mat to ensure they are using it appropriately and not eating or ingesting the fleece or rubber mat. Remove the snuffle mat and put away in a safe place when the treats are gone and the mat is not in use, or if any part becomes loose, detached, or damaged. For pet use only.