All snuffle mats are not created equal.

As with any product on the market today, the materials used to create it play a critical role in how well the product works and lasts.

SnuffleMutt only uses anti-pill fleece, and while it’s more expensive, the benefits outweigh those of inferior, cheaper snuffle mats using less expensive and lesser quality fleece.

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The SnuffleMutt Difference

green, black, white snuffle mat

Made of High Quality, 100% Polyester, Anti-pill Fleece

Over time, small pill and lint balls will not form on the edges of the fabric (and end up in your dog’s stomach), which is what happens with cheaper, less expensive fleece.  Additionally, the heavier the fleece, the longer the snuffle mat will last.

High Density

Made with over 100 high quality fleece strips means the fleece won’t easily flatten or become limp like other mats that use inferior fabrics. Better fleece means the curls keep their shape, providing a bigger surface area (i.e. more curls in which to hide food). This also means your dog has to snuffle down even further to find his or her treats. More snuffle time will keep your dog busy for longer durations – no flat mats here!

Easy to Care For

Since we recommend using harder-type treats (e.g. kibble, broken up biscuits, training treats, etc.), the mat may not need to be washed frequently. However, as needed, the mat is machine washable (please see our care instructions on the Uses & Care page).

Extremely Durable

The heavy duty base is made with phthalate-free recycled rubber.


Great care goes into making each and every SnuffleMutt snuffle mat, which also gives us the ability to create customized pieces with a customer’s favorite colors, prints, and patterns.

Anti-pill vs. Pill Fleece

Check out the benefits of anti-pill fleece vs. pill fleece here:


As with any dog toy (food dispensing, interactive work-to-eat, or other), your dog should be supervised when he/she is enjoying the SnuffleMutt snuffle mat. Always monitor your dog’s interaction with the mat to ensure they are using it appropriately and not eating or ingesting the fleece or rubber mat. Remove the snuffle mat and put away in a safe place when the treats are gone and the mat is not in use, or if any part becomes loose, detached, or damaged. For pet use only.