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Better than a DIY!

"A few months ago, we made a snuffle mat ourselves. It came out nice, and Hazel enjoyed it, but the fabric flattened quickly and so it was less challenging. Last week, we won an auction through Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc. and were the lucky recipients of a SnuffleMutt, and this one is AH-mazing! Nice deep folds, quality base, and perhaps of more relevance to human eyes than canine ones - VERY pretty! If  you'd like to up your enrichment game for your dog, we highly recommend checking these out."

-Lori Nanan, CTC, CPDT-KA, Your Pit Bull and You (New Hope, PA)


Great interactive toy for dogs!

"The SnuffleMutt snuffle mat is a great interactive toy for dogs with behavioral issues, dogs who are hyper, or dogs who just like having fun. They are also great for senior dogs, especially those who aren't as mobile, or have trouble bending down to eat food off the ground."

-John Visconti, CPDT-KA, Rising Star Dog Training, LLC (Cary, NC)


Love it!!

"Sally’s SnuffleMutt arrived today and we couldn’t be happier! She DOES love it! It’s cute, soft and amazingly constructed! A very nice addition to our collection of feeders. Yours took her 10 min 25 sec to eat her dinner. LOVE IT!!! I’m telling all my friends!"

-Chelsa D. (Woodland Park, CO)

German Shepherd Dog with snuffle mat

Amazing craftsmanship!

“Your craftsmanship is wonderful, Angela! The SnuffleMutt snuffle mat is a great enrichment toy and definitely a hit with my three German Shepherd Dogs, especially Bindi and Anja! The mat was much heavier and more substantial than I expected! It’s made with thick fleece material, a heavy duty rubber base, AND it’s machine washable.”

-Karey E. (Newport News, VA)

dog with snuffle mat

Great for rehabbing!

“My pup loves it and literally dove right into it. You make a great product and I will definitely continue recommending them to my patients to include in their rehab exercises – will be great to encourage strength training and weight shifting while they are healing.”

-Elizabeth Williams, DVM, CVA, CCRT, Whole Health Mobile Pet Care (Triangle Twp., NC)

Black Labrador Retriever with snuffle mat

Slows down speedy eaters!

"As an extremely food-motivated lab, Maddie normally scarfs her food and treats so fast that I wonder if she can even taste them. But, the SnuffleMutt snuffle mat has been great in slowing her down and giving her a food-based activity that takes a little more time and keeps her busy. We love it!"

-Amy N. (Brick, NJ)

Border Collie with Snuffle Mat

SO many uses!

"SnuffleMutt snuffle mats are a great way to keep a dog busy and engaged vs. leaving them to create their 'own' fun. The mats have a ton of different use cases, which make them a no brainer when recommending them to my clients - and of course, my three dogs use them too!”

-Matt Tuzzo, CTC, CPDT-KA, Jersey Shore Dogs, LLC (Tinton Falls, NJ)

Dog with snuffle mat

Highly recommend!

"Love the colors! Angela, you did such a beautiful job.  I don't know who was more excited about the SnuffleMutt mat...me or Axel! He loves searching for treats - I highly recommend!"

-Lori P. (Brick, NJ)

Springer Spaniel with snuffle mat

Great for nosework!

"A great way to encourage your dog to forage for food or treats. These particular mats use safe, quality fabrics and rubber for a long-lasting, healthy toy. We passed these on to clients in the first week! Purchased by someone whose dog needs to be more confident pushing her nose into containers in nose work... thank you SnuffleMutt!"

-Francine LaMarr, CPDT-KSA, Dream Chaser Dog Training (Bedminster, NJ)



"The SnuffleMutt mat is the best ever!  Our new puppy loves playing with the mat and it keeps her excited and busy for a long time each day.  She's filled with energy and the snuffle mat lets her release that energy while doing what dogs love to do - eat and play!  We also have an older dog and he loves the 'searching for treats' playtime.  It's made him a pup again.  I highly recommend this mat to anyone with a puppy or older dog.  BEST EVER!"

-Kim A. (Middletown, NJ)


Love, Love, LOVE!

"Gemma LOVES her SnuffleMutt! Keeps her busy and exercises her mental muscles all at the same time. Thank you!"

-Nikki N. (Jackson, NJ)


Very impressed!

"Our 9 year old rescued English Bulldog, Cupcake, LOVES her SnuffleMutt snuffle mat way more than I ever anticipated. It makes my heart happy as she hasn't had the easiest life due to a variety of health conditions. I was impressed by the quality of the product and it arrived in a very timely fashion. Thanks SnuffleMutt!"

-Katrina S. (Sullivan, IL)


Highly recommend to my clients!

"As a dog trainer, I recommend SnuffleMutt to all my clients. So many dogs have enjoyed trying our snuffle mat during our sessions!"

-Marina Merrell, CPDT-KA, Tipsy Turvy Dog and Exotic Animal Training (Bunnell, FL)


Keeps them busy!

"We love our SnuffleMutt mat for Winnie! It keeps her busy while she’s searching for treats and something she looks forward to every time we bring it out for her."

-Toni N. (Brick, NJ)


Defeats boredom!

"Big fan! Our dog Jasper spends time with his SnuffleMutt mat and never gets bored, which is a HUGE plus for us when he needs something to do. Highly recommend!"

-Michael L. (Middletown, NJ)


Brilliant for recovering dogs!

"I cannot even begin to tell you how much my dog Omar LOVES his SnuffleMutt snuffle mat. He always searches it in case he left a treat behind. It gives him a good amount of mental stimulation. He recently had surgery for a torn ACL and this is a brilliant way to keep him entertained while he is bored and recovering. It was definitely money well spent!"

-Mandy B. (Media, PA)


Helps with Separation Anxiety

"My baby, Lexi, loves her SnuffleMutt snuffle mat. I use it any time I have to leave her filled with treats. It keeps her busy till I get out the door so she doesn't cry."

-Tammy W. (Raleigh, NC)


As with any dog toy (food dispensing, interactive work-to-eat, or other), your dog should be supervised when he/she is enjoying the SnuffleMutt snuffle mat. Always monitor your dog’s interaction with the mat to ensure they are using it appropriately and not eating or ingesting the fleece or rubber mat. Remove the snuffle mat and put away in a safe place when the treats are gone and the mat is not in use, or if any part becomes loose, detached, or damaged. For pet use only.